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Best-in-class vertical take-off and land fixed-wing unmanned aircraft.
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No runways, no launch hardware, no problem.
Take control
Advanced long-range ground control systems.
Commercial, industrial, invaluable
Mapping, surveillance, payload delivery and everything in between.

whyVTOL ?

Mission requirements are becoming more complex while budgets and operating space less, our systems and technology aim to solve many of these challenges. ALTI aircraft can be operated just about anywhere, anytime, allowing our clients to fly more, fly further, and fly longer, capturing the data they need in single flights. Take-off and land without the need for runways or bulky launch hardware, with less staff and lower cost. VTOL technology brings a whole new generation of advanced aircraft and capability along with unmatched performance and ultimately better quality data for our clients.

ALTI aircraft all follow our reliable and proven design. A vertical take-off and land fixed-wing with an ultra-reliable quadcopter system, matched with an efficient fuel powered combustion main engine for forward flight, all built into a highly advanced carbon composite airframe.



The ALTI Ascend is our smallest and most compact aircraft. With a 2m wingspan and endurance of up to 6 hours, it offers flight times far longer than any other competing system. Ideal for large scale mapping, lite surveillance, photo, video and more. 

The Ascend is available September 2019



Shipping since 2017, the ALTI Transition is a 3m wingspan fixed-wing VTOL with ultra-long endurance of up to 12 hours, covering 900km in a single flight. With a payload capacity of 1.5kg, the Transition is flexible, affordable and highly reliable.




Need more Reach? The world’s largest commercial VTOL unmanned aircraft. With a wingspan of 6m, endurance up to 20 hours and a payload of 7kg. Simply put, nothing compares. Fly longer, Reach further.

The Reach is available September 2019


Ground Control

Advanced ground control, video and data link systems, built by ALTI for ALTI aircraft. Long range antenna tracking options, HD video, EO/IR payloads, cameras, custom integration and much more. 


It's time to make the Transition

Ascend to new heights, Transition to the future and Reach your business potential with the latest in unmanned aircraft technology.  Rapidly deployable, ultra compact, class-leading, affordable and reliable.
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ALTI is an award-winning unmanned aircraft company. We design, manufacture and deliver world-leading VTOL unmanned aircraft to world-leading companies. Our specialty is long endurance and vertical take-off, using the highest quality components, in the most advanced airframe.

ALTI is also Africa’s premier commercial drone manufacturer, based in South Africa and have been developing, producing and exporting unmanned aircraft for more than 7 years with over 1000 various aircraft shipped to date. Our highly experienced, passionate and multi-talented team of staff, technicians and engineers are driven by one goal, to build the world’s best VTOL unmanned aircraft. 


All complete ready-to-fly ALTI aircraft systems comply with International and South African export laws, acts and conventions.
To ensure compliance with these International UAV laws, the ALTI Transition, for example, is capable of covering distance of up to 900km in a single flight, but cannot exceed a hard-limit radius of 250km away from the take-off location,


Our aircraft all feature a standard ‘mil-spec’ grey but are available in various colors as well as custom graphics and decals to suit your exact requirements. 
Swipe the bar below left or right to see the Transition in our two standard color options.


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