The World's Leading Endurance VTOL Unmanned Aircraft

ALTI offers a complete fleet of the best endurance VTOL unmanned aircraft in the world. An ultra-long endurance vertical take-off and land fixed-wing with an incredibly reliable multi-rotor system, a fuel powered combustion engine for unmatched efficiency in forward flight, wrapped in the most advanced carbon composite VTOL airframe on the market. 


6 Hour Endurance

600g Payload Capacity

450km Range


12 Hour Endurance

1.5kg Payload Capacity

900km Range


12+ Hour Endurance

7kg Payload Capacity

1000+ km Range

It's time to make the Transition

Four simple reasons to fly ALTI

Highest Endurance

Fly longer and further than any competing system on the market with our industry leading endurance. ALTI aircraft are designed for every day, all day operation in a wide variety of applications and environments.

Multiple Payloads

Fly any payload! From high-resolution mapping and photogrammetry, advanced dual sensor surveillance cameras and the highest quality multispectral systems available, and just about everything in between.

Autonomous Flight

Smart autonomous flight missions, from take-off to landing, payload control, automatic return to launch, way-point planning and other features are available for peace-of-mind operation and safe flight control.

Cost Effective

With operating costs as little as $3/hr, flying with ALTI offers massive cost and time savings when compared to any other method or aircraft currently available. ALTI aircraft really help our clients save valuable resources.


The ALTI C2 (Command and Control) was designed and built from the ground up specifically for ALTI aircraft, by ALTI.

It’s rugged, compact, portable and powerful.

The user-friendly interface enables quick and easy mission planning and flight control. Switch seamlessly between flight modes and  payload settings while ensuring real-time, reliable data and video communication. 

Dual HD displays, long range antenna tracking options, custom integration capabilities and much much more. 

ALTI C2 Control & Command System

ASCEND Higher, TRANSITION Forward, REACH Beyond. 

Applications & Industries

Security & Surveillance

When it comes to ensuring the safety and security of people, facilities or assets, aerial surveillance is vital. Our long endurance VTOL aircraft can be rapidly deployed almost anywhere and stay airborne for many hours giving you the strategic advantage and data you need.

Mapping & Photogrammetry

Unmanned aircraft are revolutionizing the way surveyors and mapping professionals acquire and process aerial data, enabling huge time and cost savings over traditional methods. Our aircraft allow our clients to capture and deliver valuable aerial data like never before.

Defense & Military

ALTI is fully compliant and registered with defense export control and able to offer high performance and affordable alternatives to traditional and costly military equipment. From target drones to training, rugged and reliable every-day work horse aircraft and more.

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Our aircraft all feature a standard ‘mil-spec’ grey but are available in various colors as well as custom graphics and decals to suit your exact requirements. Swipe the bar above left or right to see the Transition in the standard grey or a custom orange color option.


ALTI is an award-winning unmanned aircraft company that designs and manufactures the world’s leading fleet of advanced ‘endurance VTOL’ unmanned aircraft and supporting systems.

ALTI has been developing, manufacturing and exporting unmanned aircraft for more than 8 years, specializing in long endurance vertical take-off and land unmanned systems. With our highly experienced, passionate and skilled staff, technicians and engineers, ALTI is driven by one goal, to build the world’s best endurance VTOL aircraft fleet.

ALTI is Africa’s premier and largest commercial UAV manufacturer.

ALTI Client Portfolio

It's Great, it flies beautifully! Thank you so much for the support.
Hassan Mohammed
UAV Pilot - Abrar Communication Ltd.

Stop thinking, start flying with ALTI

All complete ready-to-fly ALTI aircraft systems comply with International and South African export laws, acts and conventions.