VTOL, from the ground, UP

Designed to be the best vertical take-off and land aircraft from the get go, no compromise. 

ALTI - short for ALTITUDE

ALTI offers the world's leading VTOL unmanned aircraft designed specifically for demanding security & surveillance applications. What makes our aircraft unique is the ability to take-off and land vertically almost anywhere with the longest flight endurance in the industry.

We achieve this by designing and building the most advanced, lightweight and reliable airframe, propulsion and avionics systems available, matched with day and night vision payloads, long-range data links and unmatched personal, experienced support.



What sets us apart from the rest? Let's start with what is without a doubt the most advanced, lightweight and highest performing airframes in their class. While many unmanned aircraft may look and appear similar, that is usually where the similarities end.

We've spent the last 5 years developing and flying the most efficient and stable airframes available, made from aerospace grade carbon fibre with integrated fuel tanks, dihedral, washout, winglets, airfoil landing gear, integrated VTOL motor pods, dual elevator control surfaces, navigation and landing lights, quick lock and latch connectors and more, all designed to offer the highest possible aerodynamic efficiency.

The airframe is assembled in under 60 seconds with no tools required and includes a high quality flight case.



that's correct, ALTI has a 100% reliability status for our VTOL propulsion system, with not a single mid-flight failure of the vertical propulsion system on any aircraft to date.

This incredible reliability is another key reason to fly with ALTI, not only does it allow for vertical take-off and landing anywhere, it also acts as a full-time backup system that will regain safe flight after nearly any system or fixed wing flight failure, including main engine cut-out, stalling, over-banking, extreme gusts and wind conditions and also features auto-landing and various smart fail-safe options.



At the core of every ALTI aircraft is endurance, the ability to fly longer and further than competing products on the market. By using fuel powered combustion engines for fixed wing propulsion with advanced electronic fuel injection systems, we enable our clients to capture more data and cover much larger areas, ultimately saving time and money. 

With running costs as low as $3/hr, ALTI not only offers great reliability, but efficient cost saving for long term operation.



Flying the most advanced airframe and propulsion requires an exceptionally reliable avionics and autopilot which is why we developed the world's first and only complete Avionics system for fixed wing VTOL unmanned aircraft, designed in-house by ALTI, for ALTI. A compact all-in-one unit with integrated multi-redundant power supply and distribution, airspeed, long range control link, active cooling, navigation light system, ignition system, auxiliary power outputs, multiple I/O and much more.

Fly with confidence, from fully autonomous one-click missions, including take-off and landings, advanced guided flight to waypoint missions, allowing you to focus on capturing the data you need safely.



The ALTI C2 Command and Control is rugged, compact, portable and powerful. The user-friendly interface enables quick and easy mission planning and flight control. Switch seamlessly between flight modes and payload settings while ensuring real-time data and video communication.

Dual HD displays, long range antenna tracking options, custom integration capabilities and more allow for reliable communication and control of both aircraft and payload.



As advanced and reliable as our aircraft may be, we understand that at the end of the day, what's important to our clients is data, and the ability to capture it easily, safely and affordably.

Our aircraft include advanced dual sensor stabilized day and night EO/IR payloads with object tracking, Geo-lock, GPS and other advanced features, allowing the operators to lock-on to targets, capture and stream real-time HD video to the C2 Command & Control station, control rooms and also across networks and the internet.

Designed specifically for security & surveillance type applications, our aircraft are ideally suited for long range missions, border patrol, search & rescue, asset monitoring, conservation and other similar applications.

Why fly ALTI?

ALTI has been developing, manufacturing and exporting unmanned aircraft for nearly a decade, we have been around since the inception of the modern commercial drone age, both in flying and manufacturing, we understand the market, we understand our client's needs along with the engineering, technology and personal support to meet those needs.

With our highly experienced, skilled and passionate team of technicians, engineers and technical sales staff, ALTI is driven by one simple goal, to build the world’s best security & surveillance unmanned aircraft.

A L T I   F L E E T

long range vtol uav

ALTI Transition

3 Meter Wingspan
Up to 8 Hours Endurance

endurance drones

ALTI Reach

5 Meter Wingspan
10+ Hours Endurance



Next generation unmanned surface vessels
Coming soon

Our Clients

We have been blessed to work with a wide range of incredible people and great companies on just about every continent around the world, who do amazing things with our technology. From saving lives to marine conservation, mapping to security, at ALTI we are committed to making a difference.

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