The ALTI Reach is our upcoming 'bigger brother' to the Transition. It will be aesthetically and configurationally very similar to the ALTI Transition, offering vertical take-off and landing and efficient fixed wing flight performance. The Reach is currently in development and is planned to be in production and available for purchase later this year.

Key Features

Hybrid VTOL

Wingspan up to 7m Base

Endurance up to 24+ hours

Payload capacity up to 12kg



The ALTI Transition is a highly capable, long endurance, reliable and affordable civil use VTOL (vertical take-off and land) fixed wing aircraft designed for every day, all day operation in a wide variety of applications around the world.

Flight endurance of up to 12 hours
Hybrid fixed wing VTOL aircraft system
Rapid deploy airframe assembly design
Low operating cost of only $3.50 per hour


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Ground Control Station

The ALTI GCS is lightweight and comes in a rugged, compact pelican AIR case and features a high quality Intel computer, pre-loaded with all the relevant mission planning software, Microhard MIMO modem software and any payload/video software the client has opted for.

A long range C2 control link for full time manual control and override of the aircraft, data telemetry as well as an HD video link for long range image applications. Also included in the GCS is a radio controller for aircraft control, power packs, antennas and all extras and accessories.


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Why Choose ALTI

Award Winning Technology

Manufacturing and developing one of the most advanced VTOL unmanned aircraft systems in its class. We are the currently one of the world leaders for small unmanned VTOL hybrid aircraft.

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Manufacturing since 2009

Many years of manufacturing, 3D printing, rapid prototyping, in-house engineering as well as software development. We are the largest commercial drone manufacturer in Africa.

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Working with Global Clients

We've manufactured and shipped 1000+ multi-rotor systems around the world, and work with some of the largest and well-known organisations.

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