alti transition

The future of small unmanned aerial systems, today.

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it's time to


Alti Transition, The future of small unmanned aerial systems.

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double-hybrid vtol

best of both

Multi-rotor and fixed-wing, electric and fuel.

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advanced control

data, control, video

long range ground control systems built to suite your needs.

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extend your reach

fly for longer

do more With flight endurance of up to 6 hours.

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operate anywhere

no more limits

we've taken vertical take-off to a whole new level.

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The ALTI Transition is a next generation VTOL unmanned aerial aircraft, developed as an advanced, efficient and affordable fixed wing system with the ability to take-off and land vertically, anywhere.

ALTI Transition Specifications


Compact Size

Small size - Massive performance

Wingspan: 3000mm
Length: 2500mm
Height: 490mm

MTOW 15kg

Both main and rear wings and tailboom are removable, no tools required, which significantly reduce the size for rapid deployment and transport.



Electric + Fuel

The ALTI Transition offers incredible fixed wing endurance of over 6 hours with true VTOL capability!

Electric VTOL Endurance: <10 Min
Fuel Fixed Wing Endurance: Over 6 Hours
Endurance based on actual real world flight tests.

All electric varients are also available.


Open Payloads

Fly exactly what you need

With a large payload bay area, open to fit and mount a huge range of cameras, sensors and other equipment, the system offers great flexibility and does not limit the operator or mission scope. With advanced sensors becoming smaller and lighter, the need for heavy payload capacity is also no longer a concern.

Max Payload Weight: 1kg
Suggested Sensor: Next Vision EO/IR


Advanced Airframe

Cabron composite materials

The airframe features an incredibly effecient aerodynamic design, including dihedral, washout, winglets and quick release connectors for assembly, all made from aerospace composite and materials.

With a fully removable main wing section, integrated fuel tank, adjustable avionics and payload trays, winglets and more, the Transision offers the ultimate in SUAS airframe technology.


Rapid Deploy

Setup and fly in under 10 minutes

A modular 'rapid deploy' airframe allows setup and flying within a few short minutes, no bulky and complex launch and recovery hardware is required.

The wings, and tail booms are easily and quickly removed without any tools, and the entire system packs into a compact case, ready for transport with massive cost savings and less hands required.


Ground Control Systems

Control, Data and Video

ALTI's advanced ground control systems offer everything from short range basic control to long range, vehicle mounted data telemetry, control, video links, payload control systems, tracking, as well as IP rated weatherproof hardware and flight cases.

ALTI runs UAVenture's AirRails GCS and software for the most advanced VTOL Autopilot system available.


Smart Design

Hardware + Software

The Advanced ALTI Autopilot was developed specifically for the Transition and VTOL aircraft, featuring high end components, GPS and sensors.

The ALTI Transition offers redundant flight control, with a split dual elevator, airspeed sensor along with our sophisticated code allow for stall speed detection, and many other fail safe features inlucing weather veining, overbank protection, velocity checks and more, the multi-rotor will instantly take control when required.


Brushless Propulsion

Reliable Power

Operate with confidence, the ALTI Transition uses the best brushless motor technology available, with high performance carbon propellers and 80A motor controllers for smooth reliable thrust to get you airborne quickly and safely.

VTOL Propeller Size: 18"
Fuel Pusher Propeller Size: 15" Tri-blade


Navigation LEDs

Smarter and brighter

Ultra bright, fully programmable navigation LED and strobe system, as well as a landing light underneath the airframe, with the ability to remotely turn the lighting on or off, as well as enable the landing light, special lighting features such as SOS, Morse and more.

Please get in touch with us for full specifications and features at

The ALTI Transition VTOL was created and developed by ALTI UAS, a leading South African unmanned aircraft systems developer and manufacturer. The same company also developed and owns the popular SteadiDrone range of commercial and industrial multi-rotor systems, which brought about many industry firsts, including the first small uas with rapid deploy folding airframes, front mounted camera gimbals and other unique features now found on many other systems. ALTI's foundation is based on many years of industry, technology and development experience.

ALTI also offers full custom development of VTOL UAS systems for clients and companies around the world, to suit their exact needs and specific performance and operational requirments.

ALTI flies GCS and Autopilot software by UAVenture


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PHONE: +27 44 382 7051

ADDRESS: 1 Waenhout Ave, Knysna, Western Cape, South Africa

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