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The key objective in the development of the ALTI Transition was to offer a highly reliable, ultra-long endurance VTOL (vertical take-off and land) fixed-wing aircraft for every day, all day operation in a wide variety of applications and environments around the world. The ALTI Transition allows for take-off and landing just about anywhere, with an hourly operation cost of only $3.50, including fuel, electricity and general maintenance, there really is nothing that compares. The Transition starts at $95,000 USD for a complete ready-to-fly system and C² command and control system.


ALTI Transition Key Features

Long Endurance

Extend mission parameters with endurance of up to 12 hours and an operating link range of up to 150km. The lightweight carbon fuselage features an advanced aerodynamic design and performance unlike any other vehicle in its class. 

Hybrid Fixed Wing

A fixed wing with a reliable quadcopter component for vertical take-off and landing. Electricity for VTOL and petrol for fixed wing propulsion, the Transition truly is a next-generation hybrid aircraft.

Rapid Deploy

Ultra compact with no need for launch or recovery equipment, The Transition is practical, tested and cost-effective. The airframe is completely modular and can be quickly deployed, from in the case to in the air in under 10 minutes.

Vertical Takeoff

Able to vertically ascend to altitude, where it transitions into forward wing-bound flight for the duration of the mission. A smooth and level back transition into a solid hover allows the Transition to land virtually anywhere, quickly, reliably and safely.


All our aircraft are designed to fly various different payloads. From high-resolution mapping systems to advanced surveillance EO/IR cameras with object tracking and more.

Advanced Design

An advanced aerodynamic design with low stall speed, efficient cruise with very low drag, excellent stability in high winds and an incredibly low MTOW weight of only 18kg.

Low Running Cost

With low operating costs, no bulky launch and recovery hardware as well as less staffing, the ALTI Transition prices lower than any other comparable system available on the market.

Class Leading

ALTI aircraft offer the highest performance and features along with the lowest cost in their class. If you need the best possible systems available at the most affordable price, look no further. 

ALTI Transition Systems

A turn-key, ready-to-fly mapping & high-resolution photogrammetry unmanned aircraft system. 

Paired with the 42 megapixel Sony RX1R ii and Emlid Reach RS+ PPK system, the ALTI Transition M offers the best in UAV mapping solutions, with superior image quality, accuracy and best-in-class flight endurance and range.

Advanced ultra-long range security & surveillance unmanned aircraft system. 

The ALTI Transition S integrates the Trillium HD25 EO/IR dual sensor gimbal system, ideally suited for security and surveillance applications, day or night. Featuring smart object and scene tracking, thermal imaging, video recording, GPS guided gimbal control, target GPS location and more. 

Professional multispectral imaging unmanned aircraft system for agriculture and farming applications. 

Flying the Micasense ALTUM multispectral camera system, the ALTI Transition A offers the highest quality imaging with ability to capture aligned high-resolution, multispectral, and thermal imagery using only one sensor. Generate analytics for phenotyping, irrigation, and plant health from one data set.

All ALTI Transition packages are complete and ready-to-fly, include a C² or C² LITE Command & Control system, payload, integration, transport case, batteries & charger, spare parts and software.

Transition Technical Datasheet

All ALTI aircraft feature our proprietary ALTI Avionics hardware and software. This includes the latest in PX4 based autopilot hardware, complete aircraft power distribution system with redundant power supply, navigation lighting system, combustion engine and ignition system, on-board microprocessor, logging, active cooling and more. ALTI flies ArduPilot with ALTI firmware. ArduPilot offers the best and most reliable VTOL fixed wing code available. ALTI is an official partner of ArduPilot 

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