The key objective in the development of the ALTI Transition, and the core of the product was to offer a highly capable, long endurance, reliable and affordable civil use VTOL (vertical take-off and land) fixed wing aircraft, available to purchase with short lead times of only a few weeks and at an affordable price point when compared with similar aircraft usually only available to military clients.

Designed for every day, all day operation in a wide variety of applications around the world, the Transition allows for take-off and landing just about anywhere, with an hourly operation cost of only $3.50, there really is nothing like it.

Key Features


Extend your mission parameters with endurance of up to 12 hours. The ultra lightweight Carbon fuselage features a highly advanced aerodynamic design and performance, unlike any other vehicle in it’s class.

Double Hybrid

Multi-rotor and fixed wing, electric and fuel, the Transition is a double-hybrid VTOL aircraft system which is incredibly easy to operate and maintain.


Ultra compact without the need for launch or recovery equipment, The Transition is practical, tested, affordable and unlike anything else on the market. The airframe is completely modular and can be rapidly deployed, from in the case to in the air in under 10 minutes.

Vertical Takeoff

With zero take-off run required, it’s a pure VTOL aircraft, able to vertically ascend to altitude, where it transitions into forward wing-bound flight for the duration of the mission. A smooth and level back transition into a solid hover allows the Transition to land virtually anywhere, quickly, reliably and safely.

CAA Approved Airframe

The Transition’s airframe is designed by a South African Civil Aviation Authority approved Aeronautical Design Organisation, featuring a 3m dihedral wingspan, aerodynamic winglets and boom-mounted empennage, meticulously designed for efficiency.

Aerodynamic Design

An advanced aerodynamic design with low stall speed, efficient cruise with very low drag, excellent stability in high winds and an incredibly low MTOW weight of only 18kg.


With low operating costs, no expensive and bulky launch and recovery hardware as well as less staffing, the ALTI Transition also prices lower than any other comparable system available on the market.

Highest Quality

The Transition is made from the highest-grade materials, to the highest standards using unique proprietary techniques.


ALTI Transition

Small size – Massive performance.

Wingspan: 3000mm
Length: 2300mm
Height: 525mm
MTOW 18kg

Both main wings and empennage are removable, which significantly reduces the size for rapid deployment, transport and storage.

Electric + Fuel

The ALTI Transition offers incredible endurance and true VTOL capability and performance. Capture the data you need anywhere, any time.

Fuel powered fixed wing endurance of to 12 hours per flight. Endurance depends on environment, flight conditions, altitude, payload and AUW. Typical real-world endurance, fully fueled with an average sized payload is between 6-10 hours.

Carbon composite materials.

An incredibly efficient and advanced aerodynamic design featuring dihedral, washout and winglets, an integrated fuel tank built into the wing, saving space, along with quick release connectors for assembly, all made from aerospace composite materials.

With a fully removable main wing section, adjustable avionics and payload bays, the Transition offers the ultimate in VTOL UAV airframe technology.

Setup and fly in under 10 minutes.

A modular ‘rapid deploy’ airframe allows setup and flying within a few short minutes, no bulky and complex launch and recovery hardware is required. The wings, and tail booms are easily and quickly removed without any tools, and the entire system packs into a compact case, ready for transport with massive cost savings and less hands required.

Hardware and Software.

We developed an advanced ALTI Autopilot specifically for the Transition VTOL aircraft, featuring high-end components, GPS and aircraft sensors.

The ALTI Transition offers redundant flight control, with a split dual elevator, airspeed sensor along with sophisticated code allowing for stall speed detection and many other fail-safe features like weather veining, over-bank protection, velocity checks and more, the multi-rotor will instantly take control when required.

ALTi Transition

Reliable Power.

Operate with confidence, the ALTI Transition uses the best brushless motor technology available, with high performance carbon propellers and 80A motor controllers for smooth reliable thrust to get you airborne quickly and safely.

VTOL Propeller Size: 18″
Fuel Pusher Propeller Size: 14″ Tri-blade

VTOL (vertical take-off and land)

With zero take-off run required, it’s a pure VTOL aircraft, able to vertically ascend to altitude, where it transitions into forward wing-bound flight for the duration of the mission of up to 12 hours per flight.

The ALTI Transition truly offers
the next generation in unmanned aircraft technology.

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Able to land virtually anywhere.
Quickly, reliably and safely.
No catapult required.

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Award Winning Technology

Manufacturing and developing one of the most advanced VTOL unmanned aircraft systems in its class. We are the currently one of the world leaders for small unmanned VTOL hybrid aircraft.

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Manufacturing since 2009

Many years of manufacturing, 3D printing, rapid prototyping, in-house engineering as well as software development. We are the largest commercial drone manufacturer in Africa.

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Working with Global Clients

We've manufactured and shipped 1000+ drone systems around the world over the last 7 year, and work with some of the largest and most well-known organisations.

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