The 3 Best Long-Range Drones That Will Help You Fly Further For Longer

With the right long-range drone, you will be able to fly significantly further and reach new heights – continue reading to discover more benefits and how to choose your own long-range UAV. Read More

No matter what your industry, whether it’s security, agriculture, or mining, there may have been times when you needed to explore a remote, challenging or even dangerous situation from the air. Drones have made it possible to explore and capture aerial data in amazing landscapes and dangerous terrain – the possibilities are endless.

One of the first questions when it comes to UAVs is “how far can it fly?”.

There are two ways to measure the range of a UAV or “how far it can fly”:

  1. From how far away you can operate the drone
  2. How far the drone can fly until it runs out of battery power or fuel

The best long-range drones have a perfect balance between these two factors – allowing you to fly longer and further.

What Are The Benefits Of Long-Range Drones?

So, long-range drones can help you fly longer and further, but what are the benefits of this?

With the right long-range drone, you’ll be able to fly significantly further and reach greater altitudes. Additionally, the longer the flight range, the smaller the chance of losing signal (and subsequently control) is. However, the real benefits lie in the aerial data capturing abilities and potential at your fingertips.

The two clear advantages of long-range UAVs are:

  1. Fly further distances from your controller
  2. Reach greater altitudes

Another advantage of long-range drones in safety.

As mentioned above – the longer the range of your drone, the less likely you are to lose control of the aircraft. This makes long-range UAVs the ideal choice – especially for less experienced drone pilots.

Where long-range drones really stand out and their real benefits become clear is in aerial data capturing – including aerial surveillance and photogrammetry.

These long-range aircraft make it possible to get amazing shots from high altitudes and to get wide-angle views. The safety aspect makes another appearance as it is much safer to use an unmanned aircraft while you’re standing on the ground than traditional aerial data capturing methods – such as expensive helicopters or by taking dangerous positions on tall buildings or structures.

Not surprisingly, the film industry has started using drones to capture footage for major feature films – one of them being Captain America: Civil War and Man of Steel.

Who Can Use Long-Range Drones?

Professional drone pilots, across many industries, need enough range to capture the data they need without worrying about losing signal.

Here are some industries that can benefit from using a long-range UAV for aerial data capturing:

Although each industry is unique – the main benefit for all these industries is the fact that a long-range drone will enable them to capture high-quality aerial data of any hard-to-reach or dangerous area – even in high-risk situations.

What Determines A Drone’s Range?

The quality of a drone’s radio link – the invisible connection between the transmitter and the aircraft – is what mainly determines its range.

Some external factors that can have an effect on a drone’s range.

For example, if a building, tree, or any other obstacle comes between the transmitter and the aircraft, it can interfere with the signal – resulting in a much lower range. So, if you are not flying in an open area – it is best to stay below the specified maximum range to make sure you remain in control of the aircraft.

Choosing Your Own Long-Range Unmanned Aircraft

Many drone pilots overlook the range aspect when purchasing a UAV.

The controllable range is how far apart the transmitter and the receiver (you with your controller and the drone) can be without losing the connection.

Range is a very important factor to consider – especially if you want to capture aerial data of far away or hard-to-reach areas.

Every unmanned aircraft has a few features which define it, including:

  • Range
  • Flight time
  • Camera quality
  • Autonomy

To name a few.

When choosing a drone, define the minimum range you will be happy with – depending on your industry-specific application – before you make your decision based on the other features and specifications you need.

Range can be considered the most important feature of any drone and is sometimes extremely underrated by drone buyers.

If your drone is constantly flying out of range, it can greatly affect the efficiency of your aerial data capturing missions. The safety aspect comes into play again as some drones do “fly-aways” when they are out of range. This can be extremely dangerous since you have lost control of a flying object and you might lose track of where exactly it is flying – or crashing. Thereby, you risk losing your investment if the aircraft crashes and is irreparable.

Our Top 3 Long-Range Drones

ALTI offers a complete fleet of the best endurance VTOL unmanned long-range aircraft in the world.

1. The ALTI Ascend

The ALTI Ascend is a small, ultra-compact endurance VTOL and is ideal for everyday commercial use.

Here some of the ALTI Ascend’s key features:

  • 2-meter wingspan
  • 600g payload
  • 6 hours endurance
  • 75 km/h speed
  • 450 km coverage
  • $3.50 USD hourly operating cost

To learn more about the ALTI Ascend – click here.

2. The ALTI Transition

The ALTI Transition is a highly reliable, ultra-long endurance VTOL fixed-wing aircraft for everyday operation in a wide variety of applications and environments around the world.

Here are some of the ALTI Transition’s key features:

  • 3-meter wingspan
  • 5kg payload
  • 12 hours endurance
  • 75 km/h speed
  • 900 km coverage
  • $3.50 USD hourly operating cost

Click here to learn more about the ALTI Transition.

3. The ALTI Reach

ALTI Reach Long-Range Drone

The ALTI Reach is the largest aircraft of the fleet and is capable of twice the flight endurance with nearly five times the payload capacity – making it the largest and most capable VTOL unmanned aircraft in the world!

Here are some of the ALTI Reach’s key features:

  • 6-meter wingspan
  • 7kg payload
  • 12+ hours endurance
  • 90 km/h speed
  • 1 000+ km coverage
  • $9.50 USD hourly operating cost

Click here to learn more about the ALTI Reach.

When paired with the ALTI C2 command and control station – these drones offer unbeatable range.

The ALTI C2 command and control station was designed and built from the ground up by ALTI – specifically for ALTI aircraft.

ALTI C2 long range command and control system

One of its most impressive features is the long-range that this system offers. The standard ALTI C2 features a 2.4gHz data and video link – which offers up to 10 km range. If you add the optional advanced Antenna Tracking systems – this range can be extended to up to 150 km!

For more info on the ALTI C2 – click here.

Get Ultra-Long Range With ALTI!

It’s clear that ALTI offers unbeatable range when it comes to unmanned aircraft.

A long-range drone can greatly benefit and improve your aerial data capturing and will help you reach seemingly impossible areas to get the data you need.

The possibilities are endless!

To learn more about ALTI’s fleet, command system, or long-range drones in general – don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated team of experts to discuss how you can benefit from a long-range UAV in your industry.