Interchange between a wide range of payloads in the field quickly and easily with the Transition's large open payload bay. Get the flexibility you need without limiting the operation or mission.

Recommended Payloads

UAV Vision CM100

Small Gimbal for Every Mission

Weighs as little as 800g, providing you with a lightweight payload for your UAV.

Digital Output

Digital output of .h264 up to 10Mbps. Snapshots of 1280×720 (Stored on Board)

Compatible INS

Spatial, Spatial Dual and MicroPilot.

Position Accuracy

0.022° or 380µrad

Communication Link

Ethernet / RS232


Rate/ Scene / Track / GEO-Lock

Orion HD25

Direct Drive Architecture

Best-in-class robustness and stability.

720p HD Digital Video

Fully digital, h.264 compliant video pipeline.

Embedded Video Processing

Electronic stabilization and scene tracking.

Environmentally Sealed

Highly resistant to dust and water.

Onboard GPS/INS

Accurate real-time vehicle and target location.

NVG-Compatible Laser Pointer

850nm laser for precise and discreet pointing.

Visible and Thermal Cameras

Day and night operations with a single payload.

Ethernet Interface

Video and gimbal control over ethernet or RS-232.

Why Choose ALTI

Award Winning Technology

Manufacturing and developing one of the most advanced VTOL unmanned aircraft systems in its class. We are the currently one of the world leaders for small unmanned VTOL hybrid aircraft.

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Manufacturing since 2009

Many years of manufacturing, 3D printing, rapid prototyping, in-house engineering as well as software development. We are the largest commercial drone manufacturer in Africa.

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Working with Global Clients

We've manufactured and shipped 1000+ multi-rotor systems around the world, and work with some of the largest and well-known organisations.

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