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Mapping drones are revolutionising the way surveyors and mapping professionals are acquiring and processing aerial data – enabling huge time and cost savings compared to traditional methods. Keep reading to find out how drone mapping can help you capture and deliver valuable aerial data like never before. Read More

What is Drone Mapping?

Simply put, drone mapping is capturing aerial data of large areas for mapping purposes. But how does it work?


Photogrammetry is the technique used in drone mapping and is the science of recording measurements from photographs.

Many of the maps we use today were created through photogrammetry and images taken from a manned aircraft.

Drone mapping is similar to this, however, since drones can fly at a lower altitude – they are able to capture higher quality images.

Data Capturing and Processing

Data is captured in the form of high-resolution images which is then processed through mapping software.

Why VTOL Drones are Being Used for Mapping

Drones, or unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), are one of the most successful and useful technological advances of our time – especially when considering the various commercial applications.

Thus, the rise of mapping drones.

These allow you to capture high quality aerial data and map large areas in a quick and cost-effective manner.

Drones can be useful in many industries including agriculture, search and rescue, security, inspection, surveillance and many other commercial sectors.

UAS are making the aerial data collection process faster, easier and more cost-effective.

Watch this video to find out why ALTI UAS is the perfect choice for drone mapping:

3 Reasons Why You Should Use a Mapping Drone

Alti Setting Up

In today’s fast-paced society, industry thrives on fast, shareable data – mapping drones can help you achieve this.

Mapping drones are the perfect solution for accurate mapping. High-resolution cameras and cost-effective flying will allow you to capture and process data at amazing levels of detail.

Here are three reasons why mapping professionals are turning to unmanned solutions:

1. Save Time & Increase Efficiency

Mapping drones will allow you to spend less time in the field collecting data.

ALTI Unmanned Aircraft Systems gives you up to 20 hours endurance – meaning you can complete your mapping mission with minimal take-offs and landings. Saving you time and minimising the risks involved in multiple take-offs and landings.

Another time saving factor is the ultra-compact and portable design of the ALTI Transition. The Transition assembles quickly and easily – no tools required. Within 10 minutes, this unmanned aircraft goes from in the case to in the air.

The efficient and time saving nature of using a mapping drone such as the ALTI Transition allows you to focus on acquiring the data you need effectively.

2. Stay Competitive

The use of UAS for mapping missions are becoming standard in most industries. If you can provide drone mapping services or apply drone mapping in your industry specific missions, you will establish your company as an industry leader at the forefront of technology.

3. Stay Safe & Minimise Risk

Mapping missions can be dangerous – especially in areas that are difficult and dangerous to access. Mapping drones allow you to access challenging terrain, such as areas affected by natural disasters, without putting anyone in a dangerous situation.

With ALTI VTOL fixed wing aircrafts, the risk is minimised further due to its unmatched endurance. With flight endurance of up to 20 hours, the risk involved in take-offs and landings drastically decrease.

How Mapping Drones Can Help You

Drone mapping aerial view

Drones are helping many people in many different industries to map large areas easily and efficiently through effective data collection.

Not too long ago, the only way to capture aerial data and get a highly accurate and high resolution aerial photogrammetric map, was to fly over the area in a manned aircraft.

However, due to the recent advancement in drone technology and capabilities – capturing high quality aerial data has become a reality for many people and industries.


If you’re in the construction industry, you can greatly benefit from drone mapping.

Detailed maps can be used to regularly update clients on the progress of their projects. You can also analyse stockpiles of raw materials. Thus, drone mapping can help you make the right strategic decisions due to the extent of data you will have readily available.

Land Surveying

Since land surveyors take precise measurements of pieces of land to determine boundaries, drone mapping can significantly simplify their lives.

The data collected by land surveyors assist in the creation of maps and legal documentation – so maps are a crucial part of their jobs.

Through drone mapping, land surveyors can obtain a highly accurate map with photogrammetry that can be converted into a 3D topographic map with contour data. These detailed and accurate maps can then be presented to clients quickly and effectively due to the efficiency of drone mapping.

Real Estate

Drone mapping can make your job in real estate a lot easier.

In the sales process, especially in the case of a piece of vacant land, aerial maps are useful. A detailed and accurate aerial map can be of great value to someone interested in investing in real estate as it can help them determine if the property is right for them.

In standard satellite images, clarity and detail is often lacking – drone mapping can solve this issue.

Drones can operate at a lower altitude than manned aircrafts, allowing them capture high resolution imagery. A highly detailed aerial map allows the client to gain valuable insights and property details without physically being at the property’s location.


Mining mapping drone

Drone mapping has already been integrated into most mining operations. Detailed up-to-date maps are used to manage and monitor stockpiles, erosion, water drainage and various other mining related operations.

These maps give managers an up-to-date overview which assists them in decision making.


Inspection is becoming an important part of the unmanned aircraft system industry.

Through drone mapping, you can visually inspect equipment or buildings – but photogrammetry can take the inspection process to the next level.

Drone mapping can be used on a smaller scale, for example creating a detailed map of a roof which can help detect areas with poor insulation or leakage.

It can also be utilised on a bigger scale. For example, aerial maps can be used to inspect solar farms – identifying solar panels with issues through infrared imagery.


The agriculture industry can greatly benefit from the use of drone mapping and is currently forecasted to be the industry with the largest overall UAS use.

Aerial maps acquired through drone mapping, give farmers the ability to analyse their crops and gather valuable data which aids them in decision making.

Drone mapping can save farmers an enormous amount of time. Instead of inspecting crops manually, by foot, tractor or manned aircraft, drones can semi-automatically produce a map and identify areas with issues.


The forestry industry can also greatly benefit from drone mapping.

Illegal logging can be detected, the health of the forest can be monitored, and the tree count can be determined – all aerial maps acquired through UAS.

Additionally, dry forest areas can be identified which can assist in the prevention of forest fires.

Emergency Management

Emergency management mapping drone

In the case of emergency, like a natural disaster affecting a large area, drone mapping can be used to effectively monitor and asses damage. This information can help with decision making and ultimately save lives.

In the case of a natural disaster, like a hurricane or forest fire, drone photogrammetry can be used to determined which areas experienced the most severe damage. This data can then be used to effectively distribute resources to areas that need it the most.

Enter the World of Drone Mapping

Drone mapping creates endless opportunities for many industries.

ALTI offers a complete fleet of the best endurance VTOL unmanned aircraft in the world – with mapping capabilities.

To fully explore ALTI’s fleet with detailed specs and information on how each unmanned aircraft can provide you with efficient and effective drone mapping, click here.

If you’re unsure how a mapping drone can benefit you or your industry, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts are ready to help you.

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