What Features Really Matter When Purchasing a Commercial UAV

What Features Really Matter When Purchasing a Commercial UAV

When investing in a commercial UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) to help with business operations, whatever business it may be, it’s very important to know what features really matter, and what to look for in order to find the best possible one.

We take a look at the top 5 features to include in your list:

1. < 20kg MTOW (Maximum takeoff weight)

MTOW by definition is the heaviest weight at which an aircraft has been shown to meet all the airworthiness requirements applicable to it, and more importantly for UAVs to achieve it’s design specifications like range or endurance.

The ALTI Transition has an incredibly low MTOW of only 18kg, having a low MTOW is a key factor to consider when looking at purchasing a UAV because the heavier a drone and MTOW is, the slower it will be in the air. Heavier MTOW will also use more power, and more fuel, and will be less efficient overall.

The ALTI Transition is an advanced aerodynamic design with low stall speed, efficient cruise with very low drag, excellent stability in high winds with an incredibly low MTOW weight of only 18kg.

2. Payload Capacity

The payload capacity is the weight a drone or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) can carry, this excludes the weight of the UAV itself.

If your UAV is required to carry small parcels, good payload capacity is a must. Even if you won’t be needing any parcels to be carried, buying a drone with a payload capacity is a benefit because it is built to have extra weight on it, and therefore able to include additional accessories such as extra cameras and sensors.

The ALTI Transition and Reach both boast great payload capacities. The Transition is good for smaller parcels weighing around 1.5kg, whilst the Reach is suitable for bigger packages of up to 7kg.

3. Endurance or Flight Time

Flight time is extremely important for any commercial operation. It just does not make business sense not is it viable to invest in a UAV that will need to be brought back down to the ground every 30 minutes for charging or battery switching.

In order to make the best out of your purchase, you will need a UAV with a long flight endurance, so that you can spend however long you need to in the air to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

The ALTI Transition offers 12+ hours in the air, and the Reach offers 20+ hours for those extra long operational UAV missions.

4. Fuel or Electric

With rising costs in fuel, and growing concerns for environmentally friendly UAVs, a combination of both fuel and electric will be your best option.

Fuel gives a stronger, more powerful performance and the electric aspect with being there when it is needed as a back-up. The ALTI Transition and Reach uses both fuel and electrical means.

5. VTOL (vertical take-off and landing aircraft)

You don’t want to be limited to where you can and can’t launch your UAV when you need to. You don’t want to need a runway every time you want to launch, nor do you want to invest in additional launch equipment such as a catapolt to get your UAV into the air.

It is extremely important for your UAV to be able to take-off and land vertically just about anywhere. A VTOL hybrid would be the best option because it has the best of both gliding and hovering worlds.

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