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What is the endurance on the Transition with a typical payload ?

Maximum endurance ultimately depends on a few things, all-up-weight, flight conditions like altitude and temperature and aerodynamic drag. A fully fuelled Transition with no payload can achieve endurance up to 12 hours, in real world conditions at sea level. With a typical all-up payload weight of 750g, endurance can be as much as 8-10 hours. Fully fuelled with max payload of 1.5kg, the Transition can still achieve over 6 hours of endurance per flight.

What is the maximum service ceiling ?

The Transition is designed and aerodynamically capable of flight up to 13 000 ft (density Altitude) above sea level.

What is the range for control, communication and video links ?

Maximum range for control, communications and video links can vary dramatically depending on various factors like antennas used, LOS, obstacles, RF interference and more. The ALTI Transition and the ALTI Ground Control can achieve a control range of up to 100km, a data link range of up to 10km and a video link range of up to 8km with the standard antennas and equipment. An Antenna Tracking system is available which includes a long range directional dish antenna, which tracks the aircraft automatically using an advanced Silvus data link, which has been tested to 150km.

What is the maximum payload weight ?

The Transition has a maximum safe payload of up to 1.5kg. For long endurance flights of 8+ hours, a payload of under 1kg is ideal. The fuel tank capacity is 3L, which equates to just over 2kg of fuel. Lower fuel can be used if a larger payload is required, but this will obviously result in shorter flight times.

Do you offer certain camera and payload options ?

While we do offer a small selection of payloads, that have been tested and integrated with the Transition and provide a great balance of quality, size, weight and affordability, client typically spec and provide their own payloads for integration into the Transition. We offer full custom integration of payloads, sensors, and other equipment, and we can also source payloads if required.


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