8 Applications of Drones in the Security Industry

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How Security Drones Can Help You

Unmanned aircraft can optimise security and surveillance operations across many applications.

From surveying a person, a group of people, behaviours, activities, infrastructure or a large area – security drones make the job easier and more effective.

Using drones in the security industry will be a significant improvement from traditional security methods.

For example, aerial data would traditionally be collected by helicopter – which is extremely costly when compared to security drones such as the ALTI Ascend with running costs as little as $3 per hour. Additionally, security drones can collect high quality and accurate video and photo imagery giving you the strategic advantage.

Security and surveillance drones offer the ideal solution to the limitations of traditional security methods as it is an easier, faster and more affordable way to collect aerial data – day or night. Unmanned aircraft can also cover large areas faster and reach challenging or dangerous areas with ease – reducing staffing needs and costs.

Drones In Security Industry: Advantages

The advantages of using drones for security and surveillance can be utilised in many ways across various applications and industries, for example:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Maritime
  • Border Patrols
  • Event Security
  • Convoy Security
  • SWAT
  • Anti-Poaching
  • Farm security

To name only a few.

Let’s explore how security drones can be put to use in these industries.

Oil and Gas


The oil and gas industry is mainly based in the Middle East and Africa, which brings about a new set of security challenges.

These challenges include preventing pipeline sabotage, oil theft and illegal oil trafficking. Long-range endurance security drones can help prevent these issues as a large area can constantly be surveyed and monitored through live aerial video feed. This allows you to respond faster and more strategically to any security breaches.

Surveillance drones can also assist in monitoring the repositioning of assets and slow-moving vessels in offshore oil and gas, as well as perimeter detection and response.

A drone with long endurance is crucial for effective security and surveillance operations in the oil and gas industry. The ALTI Reach features up to 20 hours of endurance, making it the world’s longest endurance drone.

To learn more about the ALTI Reach click here.


alti maritime security drones

Drones can be effectively utilised in maritime defence in applications such as coastline security and counter-piracy operations.

Security drones can survey, monitor and protect large areas.

In counter-piracy operations, unmanned security aircraft are particularly useful to monitor, analyse and anticipate pirate vessel movements – giving you the strategic advantage. The aerial data collected by the security drone can then be used to identify dangerous areas and evaluate piracy trends to ensure a tactical response.

Border Patrols

alti tactical security drones

Security drones can assist in monitoring perimeters as well as monitoring sites.

Fixed-wing security drones can be used to effectively in highway, coastal and border surveillance, hereby controlling and preventing illegal border crossing, trafficking, smuggling and wild animal movements.

Drones can also be effective in monitoring large areas and can provide high quality accurate live aerial data so you can see the action as it happens. The live video data feed can assist in following intruders from a safe distance and cover a large area fast.

Overall, security drones will reduce cost and risk, enhancing safety and security of and area or perimeter.

Event Security

alti event security drones

Security drones are extremely useful for event surveillance and monitoring large areas with large groups of people to ensure their safety. Drones assist in managing:

  • Event security infrastructure
  • Crowd control
  • Health and safety planning
  • Security risk assessment

Various event areas can be covered in a single flight, such as parking areas, while vehicle access can be monitored. Additionally, drones can assist in refining and monitoring fire and other emergency evacuation routes and procedures.

Security drones also allow constant aerial monitoring and rapid and accurate response to critical situations. The aerial data collected by unmanned security aircraft can serve as visual documentation to assist in risk management and security planning.

Convoy Security

alti traffic management security drones

Monitoring VIP convoys can be done more efficiently and effectively with a surveillance drone, when compared to traditional methods.

Surveillance drones can monitor road networks and provide detailed data on-road activity – such as traffic jams and accidents. This valuable aerial data can then be used to strategically respond to high-risk situations.

Surveillance drones make aerial data collection and live monitoring much more efficient and cost-effective than traditional methods.

For example, ALTI’s fleet of security drones can:

  • operate day or night with EO/IR dual sensor cameras
  • cover more ground with the world’s longest endurance VTOL unmanned system
  • take-off and land anywhere with runway independent vertical take-off and land aircraft
  • minimise risk with reduces take-offs and landings and up to 12 hours of aerial surveillance
  • operate cost-effectively with operating costs as little as $3 an hour
  • fly autonomously from take-off to landing

To find out more about ALTI’s fleet of security and surveillance drones – click here.


alti swat drones

SWAT, or Special Weapons and Tactics teams, have been trained to perform high-risk operations and handle critical situations – such as hostage rescue.

These operations can be optimised through the aerial support of unmanned aircraft.

It will allow them to collect valuable data from many angles with a live video feed – without endangering team members. This data can then be used to rapidly and strategically respond to critical high-risk situations.

Traditionally, helicopters were used for aerial support. However, helicopters are not always available in rural areas. This slows down the response time as helicopters have to be deployed some distance away – making the time-sensitive situation slow down.

Another disadvantage of helicopters is that they are extremely noisy, have high operating costs, and require a large team to operate them.

Unmanned security and surveillance aircraft are a great solution to the challenges faced by a helicopter.

The ALTI fleet of security drones are cost-effective with operating costs as little as $3 an hour. They can also take-off and land anywhere – no runway required – with vertical take-off and landing capabilities.

Using a drone for aerial support in high-risk operations will reduce risk and lead to safer conditions for SWAT teams and civilians.

For more information about ALTI’s security drone fleet – click here.


alti anti poaching security drones

Poaching is a problematic reality the world is currently facing. The illegal hunting, killing or capturing wild animals is in direct contradiction of the Endangered Species Act.

In addition, hunting in illegal locations, without a licence, or using illegal methods, also classify as poaching.

National Parks typically have anti-poaching measures in place, such as the removal of rhino horns to discourage poachers – and surveillance.

The surveillance of these large areas is often done on foot or by helicopter due to unfavourable terrain and difficult to reach areas. However, this is not ideal.

Helicopters are costly, noisy and not always a possibility.

Surveillance drones are the ideal solution for monitoring large areas and can greatly enhance anti-poaching efforts.

Surveillance drones can deliver high quality accurate live aerial data that can easily detect poachers with features such as thermal sensors. Unmanned aircraft can also cover large difficult to reach areas, deploy rapidly and operate at a lower cost than a helicopter. Additionally, poacher activity can also be detected without endangering anti-poaching staff on foot.

Farm Security

alti farm drones

Adequate security for farms is especially important since staff and owners often live and work on the property daily.

It can be difficult and impractical to monitor farm perimeters on foot and stationary cameras have their limitations.

Stationary cameras have to be operated and moved manually, often have range restrictions, and can easily be damaged or disabled by intruders.

An unmanned aircraft can improve farm security as it is able to keep track of potential threats in real-time, even if intruders move into more secluded areas. Security drones have an advantage over stationary cameras as intruders cannot simply move out of the drone’s range.

The aerial data collected by surveillance drones makes strategic and accurate response possible.

Surveillance data is the perfect solution to mobilise your farm security as it reduces risk and allows you to monitor your property safely and effectively.

Choose ALTI for Drones in the Security Industry

alti drones

Drones in the security industry have many applications with the main purpose of ensuring the safety and security of facilities, assets and people.

ALTI’s fleet of security and surveillance drones will give you the strategic advantage you need and take your surveillance operations to the next level.

ALTI Unmanned Aircraft Systems offer you superior range and endurance with the world’s longest endurance and up to 150 km range.

Additionally, ALTI UAS has an incredibly reliable multi-rotor system wrapped in the most advanced carbon composite VTOL airframe on the market – providing you with the best quality and reliability.

With nearly a decade of unmanned experience, engineering and support with the very best in VTOL technology and manufacturing, we offer the ultimate training and after-sales support to ensure you get the most out of your ALTI UAS security drone.

ALTI security drones can be rapidly deployed almost anywhere and stay airborne for up to 5x longer than its competitors – allowing you to capture high-quality data and giving you the strategic advantage.

To find out more about ALTI and our drones for security and surveillance contact us today! Our team of experts are ready to help you find the best security drone for your specific application and industry.

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