Why You Should be Using Drones for Surveying and Mapping

When you use a drone for mapping and surveying the opportunities become endless. Learn how drones can made your mapping and surveying mission easier, safer, cost effective, and more.  Read More

Surveying and Mapping with a Drone

Drones, or unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), hold massive opportunity and potential for mapping and surveying professionals.

Mapping and surveying drones allow you to conduct topographic surveys of the same, or even better, quality as traditional mapping and surveying methods.

Additionally, using drones for mapping and surveying will significantly reduce cost and time spent on mapping missions.

But there are many other benefits to using drones for surveying and mapping.

Save Time

Drone mapping can greatly reduce the time spent in the field, as well as the cost of surveying.

Capturing aerial data with a UAS can save you valuable time, when compared to traditional mapping methods.

ALTI UAS is the perfect example of a fleet of drones that can make mapping and surveying more efficient and effective.

Unbeatable Endurance

ALTI’s fleet of VTOL Unmanned aircraft flies for longer and further than any other system on the market with up to five times longer endurance.

ALTI aircraft are designed for all day mapping missions.

This unmatched endurance drastically reduces the time spent on capturing aerial data as less time is spent on take-offs and landings – also dramatically reducing the risks involved.

Rapid Deploy

ALTI aircraft are ultra-compact and don’t require launch or recovery equipment, which allows for rapid deployment. The air frame itself is completely modular and can be deployed and go from its case and into the air in less than 20 minutes.

Thus, using ALTI UAS for surveying and mapping will get the job done efficiently and effectively – in a fraction of time traditional mapping methods would take.

Save Money

Using drones for surveying and mapping will help you deliver faster results at a lower cost than traditional mapping methods.

ALTI’s fleet is extremely cost effective with operating costs as little as $3 per hour.

ALTI aircraft have low operating costs, no expensive launch and recovery hardware and is priced lower that any other comparable UAS currently available.

This will allow you to capture the aerial data you need in a cost-effective manner on your drone mapping and surveying missions.

Capture Accurate High-Quality Data

Thousands of measurements can be made in a single drone flight and can be presented in different formats.

However, it is important that this data is accurate as well as high quality when it comes to drone mapping and surveying.

ALTI’s fleet of unmanned aircraft can do just that.

High-Resolution Mapping System

ALTI offers a ready-to-fly mapping and high-resolution mapping unmanned aircraft system.

An ALTI aircraft is paired with the 42 mega-pixel Sony RX1R ii camera and the Emlid Reach RS+ PPK system.

This system offers superior image quality and accuracy on all your mapping missions.

Autonomous Flight Missions

Autonomous flight missions will allow you to focus on capturing the aerial data you need.

ALTI’s fleet offers the following autonomous functions:

  • Smart flight missions from take-off to landing
  • Payload control
  • Automatic return to launch
  • Way-point planning and more.

These autonomous flight mission functions will help you capture the aerial data you need effectively and efficiently, simplifying your drone mapping and surveying.

Advanced Design

One of the most important factors to capture accurate mapping data is stability.

The ALTI fleet’s advanced aerodynamic design will ensure that your data is clear and accurate.

ALTI unmanned aircraft feature a low stall speed, efficient cruise with very low drag and excellent stability in high winds – making it the perfect drone for surveying and mapping.

Map Difficult Terrain and Otherwise Inaccessible Areas


Mapping drones can fly almost anywhere. This means that your mapping missions no longer have to be limited by unsafe, inaccessible or harsh terrain.

An obvious reason for this is the fact that all data is captured from above – however vertical take off and landing drones simplifies the mapping process even further.

VTOL: Vertical Take-Off and Landing

ALTI VTOL unmanned aircraft can take-off anywhere. Our vertical take-off and landing, or VTOL, drones can vertically ascend to altitude where it then transitions into forward wing-bound flight for the duration of the mapping or surveying mission.

A smooth and level back transition into a steady hover, allows this mapping drone to land virtually anywhere.

The quick, safe and reliable nature of this mapping drone’s take-off and landing makes capturing aerial data effortless.

Drones for Surveying and Mapping can be Used in a Variety of Ways

The possibilities are endless when you use a drone for mapping and surveying – however there are a few main applications including land development and management, land surveying or cartography, urban planning and precise measurements.

Land Development & Management

Aerial data captured in the form of high-resolution images by mapping drones can simplify and speed up topographic surveys for the development and management of land – as well as construction projects.

As mentioned above, making use of drones for aerial data capturing is cost effective. So, data can be kept up to date as the construction project progresses.

Land Surveying or Cartography

Mapping and surveying drones can capture detailed aerial data of virtually any area.

Therefore, maps can easily be created, even of more complex environments (in terms of data collection). The level of detail in the captured aerial data allows you to identify and extract elements such as signs, drains, sidewalks, road markers etc.

This leads to extremely detailed and accurate land surveying and cartography.

Urban Planning

Data capturing in the urban planning sector is becoming increasingly challenging due to the rate of development and complex and dense urban areas. Traditional data collection methods in urban areas require meticulous planning, which is not cost effective or time saving.

However – using drones for aerial data collection is the solution.

Large amounts or accurate and up to date data can be collected in a time- and cost-efficient way.

The captured data allows urban planners to make decisions based on current environmental and social conditions.

Precise Measurement


The highly detailed and accurate aerial data captured by mapping and surveying drones allow surveyors to make exact and highly accurate measurements.

Drone mapping and surveying is also useful for monitoring stockpiles in the mining and construction sectors. This method of data collection is also safer than manually monitoring stockpiles on foot.  Operations also won’t be interrupted by data collection since all data capturing happens from above.

No Matter Your Industry, ALTI has the Best Drone for Surveying and Mapping

Drone mapping creates endless opportunities for many industries.

Unmanned aircraft systems are revolutionising the way aerial data is captured and processed. Utilising drones for mapping missions enables massive cost and time saving over traditional methods.

ALTI offers a complete fleet of the best endurance VTOL unmanned aircraft in the world – with drone mapping capabilities – allowing you to acquire and deliver valuable aerial data like never before.

Find out how drone mapping can be useful to your industry here.

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If you are still unsure which ALTI unmanned aircraft in our fleet is best suited to your industry, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts are ready to help you.

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