15 Reasons To Use Drones For Security Surveillance

Drones can greatly benefit your security and surveillance operations – from minimising risk to saving time and money. Discover the top 15 reasons you should be using drones for security and surveillance missions. Read More

How Can I Use Drones For Security And Surveillance?

Drone surveillance technology is experiencing rapid advancements and more and more companies are integrating unmanned aircraft systems into their security and surveillance operations.  Drones for security surveillance was first utilized in the military sector; however, it is steadily migrating to the commercial and public sectors.

Companies in a variety of industries recognize the advantage of drone security and surveillance in terms of their quick response and cost savings. As unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology continues to advance, private and government organizations will continue to implement drone technology in security and surveillance operations.

When there is a need to provide security and ensure the safety of groups of people or sensitive locations, drone surveillance is the ultimate solution. This is especially true in cases where areas, such as mining or construction sites, require real-time monitoring and rapid response to ensure safety and security.

Drones for security and surveillance is the ideal tool for security and emergency responders to monitor the situation in real-time and respond to the action as it happens. For example, drone security systems can detect the security breaches or vulnerabilities in infrastructure or areas, while thermal imaging allows for day and night surveillance, or within spaces with limited light and visibility. The high definition imagery provided by security drones allows accurate and real-time response.

Drone Security Surveillance VS Traditional Security Methods

Security drone and security helicopter

Traditional methods of security and surveillance – like fixed security cameras – simply can’t compare to drone security, especially in terms of risk.

Fixed surveillance cameras require security responders to conduct investigations on the ground. This can waste valuable time and place the responding individuals in dangerous situations.

Security and surveillance operations conducted through drones can minimize this risk significantly.

While aerial surveillance can be performed with a helicopter, this can be extremely costly.

UAS can be used to investigate threats from the sky and can be used by surveillance teams to evaluate critical situations and help them make the best decisions. Security drones can assess a situation much faster than responders can on foot.

Using drones for security and surveillance is beneficial to many industries and various applications, such as:

  • Remote Area Inspection
  • Traffic Surveillance and Management
  • Maritime Surveillance
  • Risk Assessment
  • Inspections
  • Perimeter Control
  • Railway Surveillance
  • Anti-poaching Operations
  • Event Security

For more info on industry specific security drone applications – click here.

What can drones for security surveillance do better ?

Security drones are the ideal solution to the problems faced by traditional security and surveillance methods as it allows for faster, more cost-effective and more efficient data collection.

Let’s break down the top # reasons why you should be using drones for security and surveillance.

1. Cost Savings

The running costs, and unit costs, of drone security and surveillance systems are significantly less than traditional methods of aerial surveillance and data collection.

For example – the costs involved in deploying a helicopter as a security and surveillance system are extremely high compared to ALTI security drones. With operating costs as little as $3 per hour, ALTI aircraft offers massive cost savings.

ALTI aircraft will help you save valuable resources with its low running costs.

2. No Blind Spots

Security and surveillance drones offer comprehensive coverage of areas with no blind spots – as in the case of stationary security cameras.

3. Cover More Ground

Drones for aerial security surveillance

The longer your security drone can stay airborne, the larger your area of surveillance can be, allowing you to cover more ground in a single flight.

ALTI aircraft offers unmatched endurance with the world’s longest endurance VTOL technology. This allows you to fly further for longer as ALTI aircraft are designed for all day operations and everyday use in a wide variety of environments.

4. Handle Hostile Situations Safely

Surveillance and security drones will enable you to run anti-terror, anti-poaching, anti-criminal, anti-piracy and riot control operations safely and effectively. With real-time accurate aerial data, responders will be able to make the best decision to handle hostile situations effectively and safely.

5. Quiet and Stealthy

Drones designed for security and surveillance often feature vibration dampening and brushless motors, which reduces in-flight noise. The quiet nature of drones provides a clear advantage as situations can be responded to quietly – especially when compared to traditional methods of aerial surveillance such as a helicopter.

6. Track and Follow Intruders

Tying in with reason number five above, security drones allow you to track and follow intruders in real-time and provide accurate data to the response team. This will ensure a more tactical response, minimizing the risk of something going wrong.

7. Take-Off and Land Anywhere

Security drones’ ability to take-off and land anywhere will allow you to rapidly respond to critical situations.

With vertical take-off and landing capabilities and runway independence, ALTI aircraft can take to the sky anywhere – allowing you to respond to critical and emergency situations faster and more effectively.

8. Operate Day and Night

In addition to being able to take-off and land anywhere, the time of day is also not an issue for ALTI aircraft. These aircraft are equipped with a dual-sensor camera for effective day and night operations.

This allows you to run your security and surveillance operations whenever and wherever you need to and rapidly respond to a critical situation.

9. Rapid Response

Running drone surveillance and security operations allows responders to rapidly react to critical situations. Drone coverage increases the possibility of evidence gathering and potential arrest significantly because of the rapid response time.

ALTI UAS gives you the ability to rapidly respond to critical situations with accurate intelligence.

10. Remote Monitoring

Security drones give you the ability to access distant locations and monitor the area while seeing real-time action as it unfolds. This is useful in cases where security staff is limited, and large areas need to be monitored.

11. Autonomous Flight

Autonomous flight will allow your security operations to run smoothly.

ALTI aircraft feature smart autonomous flight missions, giving you an uncomplicated flight experience from take-off to landing.

With autonomous flight capabilities, you save time and reduce risk factors significantly. The ALTI fleet offers:

  • smart autonomous flight missions from take-off to landing
  • payload control
  • automatic return to launch
  • way-point planning and more

These autonomous flight mission features offer you great peace of mind and safe flight control for all drone surveillance and security operations.

12. Situational Awareness

By using drones for security and surveillance, you can provide real-time data for the optimal deployment of your resources during critical scenarios.

13. Access and Monitor Harsh and Hard to Reach Areas

alti drone in harsh environment

With security drones, you can get aerial data in harsh weather and in unforgiving environments that would be difficult – or even impossible – to access by foot. For example, offshore oil rigs, rooftops, narrow ledges and high altitudes.

14. Deterrence

Drones undoubtedly have a presence in the sky. Therefore, they are quite capable of deterring unwanted individuals in the area you are monitoring. This deterrence can be enhanced with payloads such as warning lights, beacons and sirens.

15. Minimize Risk

The first fourteen reasons tie together in reason fifteen– minimizing the risk involved security and surveillance operations.

Through all the benefits mentioned above, risk is reduced, ensuring the security and safety of facilities, assets and most importantly – people executing security and surveillance operations.

Choose ALTI for Your Security and Surveillance Drone

ALTI UAS’s fleet of long-endurance aircraft will give you the strategic security advantage you need.

ALTI Unmanned Aircraft Systems offer you superior range and endurance with the world’s longest endurance and up to 150 km range.

Additionally, ALTI UAS has an incredibly reliable multi-rotor system wrapped in the most advanced carbon composite VTOL airframe on the market – providing you with the best quality and reliability.

With nearly a decade of unmanned experience, engineering and support with the very best in VTOL technology and manufacturing, we offer the ultimate training and after-sales support to ensure you get the most out of your ALTI UAS security drone.

Click here to discover how ALTI’s fleet can help optimize your security and surveillance operations.

To learn more about industry specific application of ALTI aircraft for security and surveillance read our article.

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