Drone Benefits In Mining

Drone Benefits In Mining

Mining companies are continuously looking for innovative technologies to help improve productivity and increase margins. With regulatory changes, sustainability and community initiatives those mines who are proactively looking to improve operational efficiency will achieve higher exploration success rates.

The mining industry is rapidly adopting modern technology by developing automated tunnel borers, equipment simulator systems and using 3D mapping to improve on commodity resourcing and cost cutting.

The use of UAVs is one of these technologies to help mining companies to drastically improve operational efficiency.

Here are three ways this can be achieved:

Cost Efficiency

Surveying large areas has in the past required a helicopter or small plane with a wide range of instruments to capture the relevant information required. This is a costly exercise which requires extensive planning, budget and is resource intensive.

The use of UAVs is redefining the way mines are surveying areas, especially for exploration and in remote areas. The capabilities of a UAV and remote sensors not only provides better results but is proving to be a lower cost than previous method.

The ALTI Transition, a long-range UAV with endurance of up to 12 hours, is helping many mining companies to increase efficiency.

Development and Resource Replacement

With the use of UAVs aerial photography and remote sensors, mines can improve on productivity and further expansion.

How best to survey land is always the ultimate question, as surveying sites often requires multiple surveys to determine this information. Full land surveying creating 3D contour maps to determine where the sites dams are located and positions of buildings and other assets of the plant. Utilizing an unmanned aerial vehicle is a more cost-effective route to a LiDAR survey.

With the ALTI UAV products you can interchange between a wide-range of payloads in the field quickly and easily, with the large open payload bays. The ALTI Transition offers a payload capacity of 1.5 kg. Watch a short video here showing the UAV Vision CM100 integrated into the Transition. The CM100 is our preferring advanced dual sensor EO/IR payload and ideally matched for the ALTI Transition with its outstanding image quality and tracking features.



Safety and Security

UAVs help with disaster prevention and control by providing valuable information to help resolve safety and security issues promptly.

Utilizing UAVs help to prevent unnecessary accidents by detecting hazard risks and identify new hazard sources. With sophisticated remote sensors and ongoing monitoring UAVs assist in ensuring increasingly complex mining projects are continuously being monitored. Using this very data is helping to set out emergency escape and rescue missions.

Community Initiatives

Many mining organizations are implementing CSR programs to evaluate the needs of communities most affected by a mining project.

The use of UAVs is helping these companies to use imagery and data to help manage transparency, open communication channels by providing relevant information to the community, which results in the ability to measure the success of these CSR programs.

Information such as details of local road development or land rehabilitation which is supporting communities to expand and build local infrastructure.

Mining companies who openly communicate to local communities, with visual content sourced from UAVs, in providing details and progress of projects and/or reports on incidents are see seeing greater buy-in from the local community.

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