How To Choose The Best Security Drone

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What is a Security Drone?

A security drone is an unmanned aircraft used for surveillance by capturing still images or video to gather valuable aerial data.

Using security drones for surveillance is becoming increasingly popular across many industries. Unmanned aircraft systems were first implemented in military operations, however as drone technology developed, the commercial use of drones for surveillance has become more prominent.

The use of drones for security and surveillance is expected to continue increasing across various industries.

Security Drone Applications

Drones can be used for surveillance across various industries and applications. Here are a few examples:

  • Large event surveillance
  • Missing person search missions
  • Traffic surveillance
  • Border surveillance
  • Police activity
  • Perimeter surveillance
  • Evidence capturing
  • Surveillance of illegal activities
  • Anti-terror operations
  • Anti-piracy operations
  • Monitoring natural disasters
  • Maritime traffic surveillance
  • Anti-human trafficking operations
  • Anti-poaching operations
  • Surveillance of hostile situations
  • Criminal persecutions

The list above only names a few applications of security drones for surveillance. To find out more about industry specific security drone applications – click here.

The possibilities are endless.

security drone

The best security drones feature high quality cameras – making it easy to capture valuable aerial data that will help you make the right decision in critical situations. These drones can perform various helpful tasks with capabilities such as thermal/IR cameras, object detection and scene tracking in real-time – allowing to see the action as it happens.

This can greatly benefit your surveillance operations and reduce labour costs, but more importantly, save lives and keep people safe.

Top 5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Security Drone

Choosing a high-quality security drone will greatly benefit your surveillance operations. Here are the most important factors and features to consider when choosing the best security drone for your industry specific needs:

1. Endurance


Choosing a drone with long endurance will enable you to stay airborne for longer, cover more ground and respond faster to critical situations.

A long endurance drone will allow you to thoroughly assess situations which will help you make the most effective and safe decisions – especially when monitoring large areas.

ALTI security drones fly longer than any other competing drone. ALTI UAS are designed for every day and all-day operation in a variety of environments.

The ALTI Reach is the world leader in endurance – allowing you to fly for up to five times longer than other drones on the market. This security and surveillance drone will enable you to extend your mission parameters with up to 20 hours of endurance.

By choosing a security drone with optimal endurance, you improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your security and surveillance operations by staying airborne for longer.

2. Range


Long range drones are great for surveillance. The longer the range of control, the better.

These drones will allow you to cover more ground in a single flight and monitor an area or situation from a safe distance.

ALTI’s advanced long range unmanned aircraft paired with the ALTI C2 command system offers you the very best in long range drone technology – ideal for security and surveillance.

The standard ALTI C2 features a 2.4Ghz data and video link. This gives you up to 10km range – however, with the optional advanced Antenna Tracking systems, you can expand the range of your ALTI security drones to up to 150km.

In addition to its incredible range, the ALTI C2 has many other features that will enhance your security and surveillance operations:

  • Two large HD displays
  • Long range data, video and control links
  • Pilot controller with high quality components
  • Networking Options
  • Active cooling
  • Rugged Pelican AIR flight case

The ALTI C2 command system combined with the capable ALTI aircraft of your choice, will create the perfect security and surveillance drone system that allows you to remotely monitor live video feed over distances of up to 150km.

With a long-range drone system, you can rapidly respond to critical situations with accurate intelligence.

3. Camera


A good camera is essential for effective security drone operations and capturing high quality aerial data.

When it comes to camera quality, the ALTI TransitionS and Ascend S are the ultimate advanced ultra-long range security and surveillance unmanned aircraft systems.

The ALTI Transition S features the Trillium HD25 EO/IR dual sensor gimbal system. This system is perfectly suited for security and surveillance operations as it can operate effectively in low light conditions, day or night.

This system also features:

  • Smart object and scene tracking
  • Thermal imaging
  • Video recording
  • GPS guided gimbal control
  • Target GPS locations


The ALTI Ascend S advanced long-range security and surveillance unmanned aircraft system integrates the Next Vision NightHawk2 EO/IR dual sensor gimbal system – for effective day and night operation.

Additionally, this system features:

  • Smart object tracking
  • Thermal imaging
  • Video recording


Image quality is crucial for the effective and accurate analysis of aerial data. A good camera will ensure that your aerial imagery is clear and in high definition – making it easy to plan your next move in critical situations.

4. Stability

A good camera is nothing without stability.

Since a security drone’s primary function is to collect aerial data, enough stability is importantfor delivering high quality aerial photos and videos. Drones that don’t offer enough stability may capture low quality or distorted imagery, which will result in inaccurate aerial data.

The ALTI Ascend’s advanced aerodynamic design ensures stability to allow you to capture accurate and high-quality aerial data. This enables you to respond strategically in critical situations.

The Ascend’s stability is due to its advanced aerodynamic design which features:

  • Low stall speed
  • Efficient cruise with very low drag
  • Excellent stability in high winds
  • Incredibly low MTOW weight of only 10kg

A security drone that is stable during flight will enhance your security and surveillance operations with accurate aerial photos and videos. High quality imagery is easier to analyse which will help you respond strategically and effectively.


5. Running Cost

Running cost is a very important factor to consider when choosing the best security drone for your surveillance needs.

A cost-effective security drone will help you save valuable resources while covering more ground for more productive security and surveillance operations.

ALTI security drones offer massive cost savings when compared to any other surveillance method or aircraft currently available – with running costs as little as $3 per hour.

For example – the Ascend has a significantly low running cost, with the added benefit of not requiring expensive and bulky launch and recovery equipment. This security drone also requires less staffing as it is compact and practical with a completely modular airframe. This allows for easy assembly and rapid deployment – the Ascend can go from its case to the air in less than 10 minutes.


Another added cost saving bonus is that the Ascend prices lower than any other comparable security drone system currently on the market.

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Choose ALTI For YourSecurity Drone

Drones have revolutionised the security and surveillance industry.

The best security drones make surveillance operations easier, more cost effective and safer.

Security drones will mobilise your security, allowing you to manage your assets and see the action as it happens from wherever you are. Additionally, you can increase your range at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional methods while being able to remotely monitor live video footage over a distance up to 150km.

This effective way of capturing aerial data allows you to rapidly respond to critical situations with accurate intelligence.

Security drones help keep people, facilities and assets safe with effective aerial surveillance and monitoring.

ALTI UAS’s fleet of long endurance aircraft will give you the strategic security advantage you need.

ALTI Unmanned Aircraft Systems offer you superior range and endurance with the world’s longest endurance and up to 150 km range.

Additionally, ALTI UAS has an incredibly reliable multi-rotor system wrapped in the most advanced carbon composite VTOL airframe on the market – providing you with the best quality and reliability.

With nearly a decade of unmanned experience, engineering and support with the very best in VTOL technology and manufacturing, we offer the ultimate training and after sales support to ensure you get the most out of your ALTI UAS security drone.


ALTI security drones can be rapidly deployed almost anywhere and stay airborne for up to 5x longer than its competitors – allowing you to capture high quality data and giving you the strategic advantage.

To find out more about ALTI and our drones for security and surveillance contact us today! Our team of experts are ready to help you find the best security drone for your specific application and industry.

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