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A small, ultra-compact endurance VTOL for everyday commercial use. The ALTI Ascend offers up to six times the endurance of competing systems along with a truly competitive price point of $ 45,000 USD. The ALTI Ascend features a 2-meter wingspan and follows the same tried and tested design of it’s larger brothers, the Transition and Reach. Ideal for large scale mapping, surveillance and general photo/video applications, the ALTI Ascend expands our fleet of best-in-class endurance vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing unmanned aircraft.



Long Endurance

Fly for longer with endurance of up to 6 hours. The ultra lightweight Carbon fuselage features a highly advanced aerodynamic design and performance, unlike any other vehicle in its class. 

Hybrid Fixed Wing

A fixed wing with a reliable quadcopter component for vertical take-off and landing. Electricity for VTOL and petrol for fixed wing propulsion, the Ascend truly is a next-generation hybrid aircraft.

Rapid Deploy

Ultra compact with no need for launch or recovery equipment, The Ascend is practical, tested and affordable. The airframe is completely modular and can be rapidly deployed, from in the case to in the air in under 10 minutes.

Vertical Takeoff

Able to vertically ascend to altitude, where it transitions into forward wing-bound flight for the duration of the mission. A smooth and level back transition into a solid hover allows the Transition to land virtually anywhere, quickly, reliably and safely.


All our aircraft are designed to fly various different payloads. From high-resolution mapping systems to advanced surveillance EO/IR cameras with object tracking and more.

Advanced Design

An advanced aerodynamic design with low stall speed, efficient cruise with very low drag, excellent stability in high winds and an incredibly low MTOW weight of only 10kg.

Low Running Cost

With low operating costs, no expensive and bulky launch and recovery hardware as well as less staffing, the ALTI Ascend also prices lower than any other comparable system available on the market.

Class Leading

ALTI aircraft offer the highest performance and features along with the lowest cost in their class. If you need the best possible systems available at the most affordable price, look no further. 


Package Contents
ALTI Ascend Ready to Fly Aircraft
Ascend C2 Lite
Remote Controller
2.4Ghz Data / Video Link
868/915 Mhz Control Link
ALTI Power Battery Packs
Ascend VTOL Battery Pack
ICE Starter Battery Pack
ALTI Avionics System
ALTI PX4 Autopilot
ALTI Power Distribution System
Client Specified Payload
Custom Payload Integration
ALTI Ascend Transport Case
ALTI Warranty (12 Months)
Full Support – Email, Phone, Updates etc
Battery Charger
Tools, Spares and Maintenance Pack
6 Hours
Max Take-off Weight
10 kg / 22 lbs
Max Flight Range
Data Link & Control Range
Up to 10 km
Max Payload
Cruise Speed
20m/s ( 75kmh / 40kts )
Wind Resistance (Take-off)
10m/s ( 36kmh / 20kts)
Wind Resistance (Cruise)
15m/s ( 54kmh / 30kts )
2 Meters

All ALTI aircraft feature our proprietary ALTI Avionics hardware and software. This includes the latest in PX4 based autopilot hardware, complete aircraft power distribution system with redundant power supply, navigation lighting system, combustion engine and ignition system, on-board microprocessor, logging, active cooling and more. ALTI flies ArduPilot with ALTI firmware. ArduPilot offers the best and most reliable VTOL fixed wing code available. ALTI is an official partner of ArduPilot 

Stop thinking, start flying with ALTI